Artichoke – Asparagus - Physalis

Artichoke Rimskiy fioletovyy

Delicious vegetable plant. Bush tall, 150-200 cm tall. The flowers are large, green in color along t.....

Artichoke Zelenyy Shar

Delicious vegetable plant. In the southern and central regions are grown as a perennial covering cul.....

Asparagus Arzhentelskaya

Early variety. Plant height 170 cm. Young shoots are eaten, which is formed in the second year after.....

Asparagus Belaya iz Versalya

Old French variety of Mediterranean type. Top quality asparagus with high straight spears and exquis.....

Asparagus Dzhersi gigant

This vigorous variety is very hardy in cold winter climates. Consistently uniform, green spears are .....

Asparagus Early California F1

Early California is a Clonal hybrid. This variety is cylindrical in shape, with slight, tapering spe.....

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