Bean Rosilka

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The technical ripeness of the blade-beans of this new variety comes 8-9 days earlier than the Prisadibna variety. The period from the beginning of the collection to 75% of the harvest for 6-7 days is shorter than the standard. Rosilka exceeds the standard for the harvest of commercial bean-blades, on average by 2.5 t/ha, and the yield of seeds by 0.5 t/ha. The parchment layer and the fiber in the valves of technically ripe blade beans is formed late. Due to this, they are more tender. The grain is well boiled soft, pleasant to the taste. Thanks to a higher position (8 cm) of beans, the new variety is suitable for mechanized harvesting, the color of the blades is dark green and does not fade when canned food is stored. Rosilka is resistant to anthracnose and bacteriosis, has the best biochemical parameters.

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